Grand Livina Marketing Plan

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Nissan Grand Livina is the latest product of Nissan, launched on April 2007. It is projected as the "people's car", which fulfills the needs of the customers: an economical, wide-spaced vehicle with reasonable price. The objectives of the marketing plan is aligned with Nissan's objectives, which are being one of the Top 5 car manufacturers in Indonesia, increasing profit, and expanding market share.

This plan describes the situation which is currently dealt with, including market share, channels, STP, and SWOT analysis; also designing strategies to achieve the 2008 objectives, which are selling 24,000 units of Grand Livina as a part of the 40,000 units Nissan vehicles and expanding Nissan's market share from 1.8 %
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Besides Nissan vehicles, INM also produced other brands such as Volvo, SsangYong, VW, etc. In terms of marketing Nissan in Indonesia, PT. Indocitra Buana developed several Nissan distributors and auto-repairs on cities all over Indonesia. On August 26, 1997, with the purpose of expanding the retail business in Nissan Group, PT Indomobil Trada Nasional or PT INTAN was formed. Even by law the company had run since 1997, but with the economic crisis, the company could only be active started on January 2000.

On November 1, 1999, PT Indobuana Autoraya was officially joined the Nissan Group. It completed the company structure in Nissan Ssangyong Group into:
• PT Wahana Wirawan as the sole agent
• PT Indocitra Buana as the sole distributor
• PT Indomobil Trada Nasional as Sales Operation (Retailer)
• PT Indobuana Autoraya as the sole agent for SsangYong
This cooperation ended when Nissan Japan became the majority stockholder and Ssangyong was run by Indomobil Volvo on Oktober 2001.
5. Era 2000
PT Indomobil Trada Nasional specialized in vehicles commerce; New Cars or Used Cars, Accessories Shop, also Nissan's auto-repair representatives. PT Indomobil Trada Nasional owned several branches:
• Sunter (3s)
• Halim (1s) as Nissan's auto-repair representative
• MT Haryono (1s), only showroom
• Pondok Indah (3s)
• Pantai Indah Kapuk (3s)
• Kebon

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