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On Sunday, May 14th 2017 at 9:00am, I attended a worship service at Grand Rapids First Church. Grand Rapids First Church’s auditorium seats about 3000 people. The interior space of the church is circular with the podium somewhat in the center. I believe that this places God at the center of the church. Additionally, there are crucifixes on walls throughout the church. These crucifixes serve as anamnesis of Christ’s death and resurrection. Furthermore, there is a huge crucifix right in front of the main entrance of the auditorium; in my opinion, this helps believers to shift their focus [from the world] to Jesus as they enter God’s presence. The sanctuary, with the crucifixes, serve as a beachhead of holiness in space.
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Grand Rapids first is an Assemblies of God church. As a result, its theology is closely related to that of the pentecostal denomination. Also, the worshippers varied from toddlers to the elderly. Because of this context, worship was very diverse. The worship team sang songs that were familiar to both the youth and to the elderly. Also, the words of the songs were projected on a screen for people who were not conversant with the songs. Additionally, Pastor Sam preached in a way that was applicable to both the old and young. During his preaching, he gave quality examples that resonated with everyone’s life, no matter the age difference.
An example of cross-cultural sharing I appreciated was the use of contemporary Christian songs. Back at home, in Ghana, I attend a nondenominational, charismatic church. At my home church, we sing lots of foreign gospel music; Hillsong, Bethel music, Chris Tomlin to mention but a few, are artists whose music are frequently used during the church’s worship service. As such, it was nice to hear familiar songs when worshiping with Grand Rapids First church. It made me more comfortable and I was able to experience both the expressive and formative aspects of worship. A countercultural witness that I think is needed in Grand Rapids First, is the attitude of praying out loud. When I say loud, I do not mean shouting or

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