Grand Theorists in Nursing: Henderson, Peplau, Levine, Watson

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Nursing theories have been a fundamental tool used to explain, guide and improve the practice of nursing. Theorists have contributed enormously to the growth of nursing as a profession. The four grand theorists I chose are Virginia Henderson, Peplau, Myra Levine and Jean Watson. These theorists have contributed tremendously in the field of nursing through their theories, and research. One thing the theorists have in common is that they are patient centered. They are all concerned on ways we can improve our responsibility to the patients, their families and the environment. They have different ideas but they are all aiming towards achieving the same goal, which is patient satisfaction and safety. Their differences are in their areas of…show more content…
( Meleis, p 170, 2012) Transpersonal caring relationship. A moral commitment to protect and enhance human dignity. Allow human beings to determine and find their own meaning. ( Meleis, p 173, 2012) DEFINITION OF NURSING Virginia Henderson who is called the first lady of nursing defined nursing as the unique function the nurse performs to help the individual sick or well, conscious or unconscious perform that contributes to recovery , peaceful death or health promotion. These are functions an individual would have performed without assistance all things being equal. Peplau defines nursing as the therapeutic interpersonal, serial, goal- oriented process. A health-focused human relationship( Meleis, p 165, 2012) Levine defines nursing as patient advocacy, devotion to humanity and self respect of patients, perception and support for personal and individualized needs, compassion, commitment and protection ( Meleis, p 170, 2012) Watson defines nursing as a human science consisting of knowledge, thought, value, philosophy, commitment and action with passion in human care transaction (Meleis, p172, 2012). GOAL/PURPOSE OF THEORY To help individuals attend completeness or wholeness and be independence to perform daily activities ( Meleis, p 164, 2012) Develop personality, making illness an eventful experience. Forward

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