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Assignment 3.1: Grand Theory Written Assignment Assignment 3.1: Grand Theory Written Assignment Nursing theory gathers specific information regarding aspects of nursing and utilizes these findings to communicate and describe nursing phenomena. Theories provide a framework for nursing practice and processes. Grand nursing theories are broadest in scope and provide generalizations regarding nursing situations. Grand nursing theories consist of four schools of thought. Nursing theorists bring a unique definition, approach, and focus to these specific schools of thought. The first school of thought includes theories that reflect an image of nursing as meeting the needs of patients (Meleis, 2012). When a patient is unable to meet…show more content…
The grand theory school of thought that is most congruent with my nursing practice is the outcomes theory. I believe that every patient responds to health issues differently. I assess what they need, what their deficits are, and how I can enable their coping mechanisms. I work at a busy trauma center and we have emergency surgeries frequently. Many of these are suction dilatation and curettages. Each woman handles this differently. So I sense and assess what they need to have the best outcome possible. Some want to leave right away, some want to stay a while, some want to see their family and some don’t. It might not be the norm to keep one of these patients for three hours, but I will keep them until they are ready to leave. I believe in patient advocacy on an individualized basis. Please refer to Table 1. Grand Theorist Information for theorist comparison. Table 1. Grand Theorist Information Theorists | Educational background | Philosophy of nursing | Definition of nursing | Goal/purpose of theory | Needs:Henderson | Graduated from the Army School of Nursing at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. in 1932. Earned Bachelor’s in 1932 and Master’s Degree in Nursing Education from Teachers College at Columbia University in 1934. | "The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery

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