Grand Torino

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Grand Torino starts off in church, where a funeral ceremony is underway for Dorothy Kowalski. Her husband, the surly Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) stands by her coffin, accepting condolences. Much to his displeasure, he notices his grandkids walk inside, not exactly dressed for a funeral and not all that respectful. His two sons, Mitch and Steve, whisper to each other about Walt, talking how they're hardly on speaking terms anymore. As Father Janovich (Christopher Carley) gives his eulogy, Walt looks around disapprovingly at his family. He snarls at Janovich's sermon.
At his house, in an immigrant-dominated neighborhood, people throng for the after-funeral lunch. Downstairs in the basement, Walt's grandkids look through an old army
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Janovich opines that Walt knows more about death than living.
That night, Walt wakes up, hearing a noise in his garage. Seeing a light inside the garage, he goes to investigate, armed with his army rifle. He walks into the garage and sees Thao inside, trying to steal the car. He holds him at gunpoint. There's a tense moment, but they both slip and fall. Thao jumps to his feet and runs.
The next morning, as he locks down the garage, Walt gets a call from Mitch, who's checking in to see how he is. Walt says nothing's going on and hangs up. He polishes his Gran Torino and admires it as he sits in the porch, smoking and drinking beer.
That night, the Hmong gangbangers come back to Thao's house, giving him one more shot at stealing the GT, though he's reluctant. They grab him and start to drag him away, but he struggles. His family and neighbors come over to intervene, but they gangbangers push them away. As Thao runs, he gets tackled by a gangbanger, breaking one of Walt's garden gnomes. The next thing they see is Walt holding his rifle at them, demanding menacingly that they get off his lawn. When they try to talk trash with him, he says that the US soldiers used Korean corpses as sandbags during the war (this got quite a gasp from the audience). The gangbangers back down and get into their car, telling him to watch his back. When Sue tries to thank Walt, he tells them to get off his lawn.
The next morning, to his surprise, he finds his porch filled with
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