Grandfather Is My Role In Life

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At two in the morning, an uproar of jabbering voices suddenly drags me from my dreams. My mother appears ghostlike in my room and quickly grabs some money from my wallet without uttering a word. An ambulance arrives in our neighborhood’s dark alleyway and I realize that my grandfather is being taken away again. Yet this time, my mother is sneaking the bills into his pockets, bills that, in Vietnamese culture, are supposed to provide prosperity when crossing into the afterlife. Grandfather was my role model of perseverance when I was growing up. He had received several medals for defending our hometown Hanoi during the US bombing in Vietnam. After the war, he returned to work at the Ministry of Education with the same dedication that everyone admired him for. Nevertheless, my grandfather was stricken with bone cancer—the one hardship he could not overcome. During his final years, I inevitably became familiar with the hospitals where my grandfather received his chemotherapies. As his conditions worsened, the treatment costs delved deeper in our budgets, meanwhile the attitudes of the medical staff that had treated him and other terminal patients declined to a disgusting point. I tried to ease his pain, but my massages eventually became useless. These two years of watching my grandfather’s last fight while I was in middle school opened my eyes to many issues in health care. The unfortunate experiences also began to cultivate my desire to become a doctor and improve the
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