Grandma And Bake Pizz A Narrative Analysis

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Chapter Six

Hannah loved spending time with her Grandma and Grampy. His mother was happy he'd returned home, although horrified by circumstances. Betty and Joe Markham adored their family and the thought of any of their children in pain was abhorrent to them. Rick’s sisters, Dana and Karen moved to Spokane several years ago. Karen taught English at Shadle Park High School. Dana, his younger sister, was married with two children. Her fiancee' Devin was a police officer. It was safer raising Hannah in Pullman than in Seattle. It was comforting to have family so close by.
The Markham’s owned a large Victorian style home on Cedar Street. Hannah played in the same tree fort he had as a child. His mother doted on her and indulged her, but that
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You have to give it a chance. You’re a great kid. Who wouldn’t like you? You’re terrific. Stop pouting and let’s go. Do you want to see Land Before Time Part Four Million?" He joked.
"Daddy it goes up to part six," she informed him.
"Oh I see, I stand corrected. Should we stop by Take and Bake Pizza too?"
"Yes! I want pepperoni and pineapple pizza. It’s my favorite," Hannah squealed.
"Guess you better go, the child is dying for pizza, Grampy will be sorry he missed you," she told Hannah. The only part pf Betty Markham that made her look like a grandmother was her shock of white spiky hair. She was a petite, fit woman with warm brown eyes and luminous olive skin She could keep up with anything Hannah could throw at her. He knew Hannah would always be safe with his parents. Rick pushed the screen door open and strode down the walkway toward the car.
"Kiss him for me. Tell him I’ll see him tomorrow," Hannah called as she ran to catch up with him. She fell into step beside him and reached her tiny hand up to hold
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Hannah pleaded with Rick to watch the whole series of Land Before Time movies. Somehow, the idea of watching endless hours of cartoon dinosaurs was less than thrilling. His taste in movies leaned more toward action/adventure. He offered a compromise of one Land Before Time movie and one other movie. They'd surf the kids section of the on demand guide to find something that suited both of them. They picked up a large pepperoni and pineapple pizza from Take and Bake and returned home. Hannah raced past Rick as he unlocked the door and into the house pouncing onto the green paisley
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