Grandma House

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ADOBE® READER® XI Help and tutorials Reader Help Print PDFs Print button missing? Common printing tasks Why can’t I print my document? Simulate overprinting of inks Print button missing? To the top If you can't see the Print and Cancel buttons, your monitor is set to a low screen resolution. Reader wasn't designed for low-resolution displays (the minimum recommended is 1024 x 576). However, you can work around this limitation. Do any of the following to print your document: Press Enter or Return. If a scroll bar appears on the right of the dialog box, drag the slider down to access the buttons. (Windows) On some monitors, the Windows taskbar covers the Print button. You can hide the taskbar so it appears only when you…show more content…
If a document has restrictions on printing, contact the PDF author. (Windows only) Protected Mode is interfering The default Protected Mode greatly enhances the security of Reader. To determine if Protected Mode is interfering with printing, temporarily disable it. Right-click the document, and choose Document Properties. Click Advanced, to view if protected mode is enabled. To disable protected mode, choose Edit > Preferences and click Security (Enhanced) on the left. Deselect Enable Protected Mode At Startup. Close Reader, restart it, and try to print the document again. Note: To ensure maximum security, when you finish printing, reselect Enable Protected Mode At Startup. To the top Simulate overprinting of inks Overprint simulation approximates how blending and overprinting of colored artwork looks when printed on an offset press. You can simulate the effects of overprinting on a color desktop printer by selecting Simulate Overprinting in the Advanced Print Setup dialog box. Overprint simulation converts spot colors to process colors for printing. If you intend to use a file for final output, do not select Simulate Overprinting. Note: Color printers vary greatly in color reproduction quality. For that reason, proofs from a service provider are the best way to verify how the finished piece will look. Three overlapping circles without overprinting (left) compared to three overlapping circles with overprinting (right).

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