Grandma's Cooking

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Grandma’s Cooking
Dillon J. Bosler
University of Northern Iowa

Everyone has at least one memorable experience with their grandma, and I have been fortunate enough to share countless memories with mine. A big portion of our memories involve food in one way or another. One of the biggest values that my family holds is the importance of family meals. Whenever we go to my grandparent’s farm, my grandma never fails to overflow everyone’s stomachs and send everyone home with leftovers. Whether it be eating at the supper table or feasting on Thanksgiving, my family makes it a point to be together and to make it a memorable experience. Throughout this paper I will be sharing some of my favorite memories
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Before we dug in to the food in attempt to make a dent in what was all there, we went around the table and said what we were thankful for that year, as we do every year. After that, we prayed over the food. Then it was time to march to the front line and begin this annual battle. I hadn’t eaten the day before just so I could enjoy as much of my grandma’s food as possible. After two or three platefuls of pure deliciousness, I had to surrender to the table of food. I pushed my chair back from the edge of the table and slouched to a more comfortable position so my stomach could finally slump into a more suitable position for digesting the mountain of food I just stuffed into it. Then I remembered what could never be forgotten. Dessert. Pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie are just a few of my grandma’s classic desserts. Along with some angel food cake and coffee, I forced myself to make some room for all this extra mouthwatering goodness. I know I’m doing something right whenever I gain a stretch mark or two as battle scars after one of my grandma’s meals! Another memory I share with my family is our traditional Christmas. Christmas at the Kirkebaks is an all-day event. We leave our house in the late morning to early noon. After everyone arrives, empty-stomached of course, we start our family-famous Christmas dinner. My grandma has prepared turkey, homemade gravy, mashed
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