Grandma's Rights

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In Michigan last September, a grandmother entered a years-long custody battle between the parents of three children after a court forced the unwilling children to spend months living with their father. The Detroit Free Press reported that the children's grandmother contends the children “were held against their will in a custodial setting and then placed with their father, even though they … stated they wish to go home to their mother.” What are the grandmother’s chances to gain custody? In this case, only time will tell.

The American Grandparents AssociationTM (AGA), a more than two million-member advocacy group, was founded by to provide resources for grandparents who are physically removed from their grandchildren and
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Problems can arise when parents restrict grandparents' visitation or contact with the grandchildren. Most states have laws that recognize some degree of grandparents’ rights, and govern custody and visitation, while acknowledging that such statutes do not give a grandparent an absolute right to visitation. These laws vary widely from state to state. In Texas, according to the state Attorney General, a court can authorize grandparent visitation under one of the following circumstances, as long as it is in the child’s/children’s best…show more content…
However, a grandparent may not request visitation or custody if someone other than the child’s stepparent has adopted the grandchild.

In Texas, both parents are legally responsible for providing medical and financial support for their offspring. When a grandparent has custody of the child or children, both parents have a legal obligation to provide financial and medical support to the custodial grandparent.

Obtaining grandchild visitation in Texas can be complicated, and grandparents need to prove certain conditions. In these cases, the grandparents need a lawyer to speak on their behalf and help them navigate the legal system.

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