Grandmothers : An Essential Role

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Grandmothers today play an essential role in their children’s children life. Grandmothers help providing family more stability, financially and helping in the process of growing up. A large portion of grandmothers are caretakers. Grandmothers are trustworthy, this lead many parents asking the grandmothers to take care of their young one. In the sample of a study provided by Madonna Harrington Meyer in the article Grandmothers juggling work and grandchildren in the United States shows that a large number of grandmother enjoy providing care to their grandchildren. A number of grandmothers have also shown that they felt the responsibility to take care of their grandchildren. Life histories, culture and social expectations pressure the grandmother to accept the responsibility for their grandchildren and adult children. Life histories, culture and social expectations equally affects when the grandmother provide care to their grandchildren. One of the reason grandmothers help taking care for the children is the high demand for childcare and high increase the rate of single mother leads many grandmother to support their daughter’s need. Meyer states that “relatively high fertility rates, coupled with rising rates of single motherhood and working mothers, have increased the demand for childcare, often in the form of ‘grandma care’” (18), this means that grandmother raising children are increasing and becomes part of the society standards. Single mother generally earn less money
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