Grandmother's Love

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The Importance of a Grandmother’s Love Many grandmothers are important people because many times they give love to their family. Their love can make their family comfortable, make life easier, and unite family members. Patricia Hampl, “Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner,” describes how her grandmother ruled over her family with her authoritative personality. And also, Hampl’s grandmother made her family members united with her professional cooking skills. Similar to Hampl’s grandmother, my grandmother rules over my family. My grandmother’s personality is not authoritative, and her cooking skills are not good compared to Hampl’s grandmother. However, her love sill makes out family united. Although both grandmothers have different…show more content…
My grandmother is short and small, but she is a strong-minded woman. Since my grandfather passed away when my mother was young, my grandmother raised my mother and two uncles by herself. My grandmother is from a family of six siblings, and she is the youngest one. My grandmother told me she never cooked or learned how to cook because all of her siblings did it for her. Therefore, unlike Hampl’s grandmother, my grandmother is not good at cooking. Since all of my family members live in different countries, we do not get many chances to see each other. If we are lucky, we see each other once a year and we always get together at the grandmother’s house. When all of my family members gather at the foremother’s house, my grandmother always puts all of her effort into making good meals for us. Since she is not good at cooking, all of my family members gather together in the kitchen and help her to cook. I always find true happiness in the kitchen because all of us talk about life and make stupid jokes with riotous laughter. Grandmother’s house is a shelter for our family members because it is the only place that all of us can get out of where we are right now and relax without having any worries. Maybe my grandmother’s dinner is not the best dinner compared to Hampl’s grandmother’s dinner in good qualities, but I still love eating my grandmother’s meal because I can feel her love. My grandmother is
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