Grandpa Interview

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This is my Grandfather Lowell Fetters, my mothers father. He was drafted into the war at 19 in 1967 and shipped off to war at 20 in 1968 a year after graduating from Ludington high school. He is now 69 years old. He lived in Ludington Michigan with his wife before we were involved in the war. He now lives in Muskegon Michigan He served in the war, and now he just plays pool with his friends. I interviewed him on February 28th over the phone, we talked for 30 minutes. I asked my grandpa some questions regarding his experiences in war, he had a very difficult time, he are some of the things he shared with me. I asked him how his family and friends reacted when he told them he was going off to war, he told me " well understandably…show more content…
I heard the pain in my grandfathers voice, i know he has been through a lot. He suffers form PTSD really bad, and feel into depression after the war. I have learned that we lost so many insistent brave people. I have learned that not only should we not have been involved but once we were we should have gotten out faster. It was hard for me to think of what what to ask my grandpa, I didn't want to upset him, but i needed to get good information out, i decided what to ask him by asking questions about his personal experiences and what he thought of the war in all. My grandpa seemed really scared and worried about the questions i asked he was emotional and didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it but he did anyway and I'm very happy he shared this with me. I fell that the most meaningful aspects of this interview were my personal questions. When I asked him about his memories, he seamed to not vividly remember he very clearly remembered and shared it with me. If i could do anything differently in this interview it would be to ask more questions about how he felt, and to approach them more subtly come about asking him, I didn't like how upset he got but i don't know if i could have changed that. I love my grandpa and i know he went through a lot as well as many other soldiers and people waiting at
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