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My grandpa was one of the most caring and understanding men that I have ever known. He always found a way to make us happy, whether he was dressing- up as Santa Claus, on Christmas Eve, or building us tree houses. His death greatly affected both my grandma and I.

The shock of my grandpa’s death totally devastated me. I found out that my grandpa died one night after my mom picked my brother and I up from day care. We went over to our grandma’s house on a weeknight, which was unusual, because we always spent time with our grandparents on the weekends. When we got to our grandma’s house we saw that our dad and our aunt were sitting in the living room with our grandma. This was very unusual, because our dad lives in Prescott,
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Before my grandpa died, I spent more time with the kids in the neighborhood around where my grandpa lived, than I did with him. When my grandpa died, I realized that the people in my family were more valuable to me than all of my friends. I wish I had realized this before my grandpa died, so that I could have spent more quality time with him. I was told by the people at church to spend as much time as possible with our loved ones, because they would be gone some day. But I never listened, and I really regret that now. This horrible loss was a way to learn a poignant lesson. I was not the only one who was affected by my grandpa’s death.

My grandma lost the love of her life when my grandpa died. My grandpa and grandma were almost inseparable. No matter what they were doing or where they were going, they were together. She moved out to Arizona from New York in the sixties, with my grandpa, his daughter, and their two sons. She did not want to move here at first, but she did because she loved my grandpa. They lived happily together for about thirty years, until my grandpa died. Everyone had already moved out of the house, so she was alone for the first time in her life. She almost instantly changed from a joyous, youthful person to a cold, bitter, and angry old woman who longed for death. Before this incident, we used to go camping, fishing, and do many other outdoor activities as a family, but now she

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