Grandpa-Personal Narrative

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I cracked my eyes open, and I jolted up out of my bed. I hear the knock, and the door opens. “Logan! Grandpa is here!” My brother shouted throughout the house. Today was the day we were going to Uncle Jim’s cottage. I sprinted downstairs, and gave my grandpa a hug. We hopped into his car, and we started the 40 minute drive. I couldn’t wait to hang out with my cousin Jason. I was 10 and he was 13, we got along great! I feel the road starting to get bumpy, a sign we we are close. We pull the car around a bend, and I hopped out. There they were, my cousin and my uncle. The day started off with us having a traditional afternoon barbecue. I’m sitting on the deck eating a succulent burger. As I try to savor every bite, I hear the…show more content…
I’m approaching my first stop, and I latch my hands on the brakes, and squeeze. Nothing happens. I squeeze again, and I’m picking up speed, not slowing down. All that is going through my mind, is how will I stop this bike. Ahead of me, is a row of pine trees. I need to make a quick decision. I could jump off the bike, or drive it right into the trees. Before I could even think, I find myself face to face with a row of pine…show more content…
I ran into the row of pine trees. Four faces are talking to me in panic. I feel a cooling sensation go over my right knee and then a rush of pain. I glance down, and all I see is blood. I scream, and my voice is echoing throughout the whole lake. My grandpa calms me, and carries me to the car. The drive felt quick, as we pulled into my driveway. My dad rushes out with rags to stop the bleeding. A white rag turns into a red rag in a matter of seconds. “Get him to the ER!”, my mom says. That’s when I realized it was serious. Oakwood immediately rushed me in. The gash was so deep, I end up getting inside and outside stitches. I was fortunate not to have any other serious injuries. This moment made me realize how cautious I need to be before making risky decisions, when it comes to safety. I have a life-long scar to remind me, and still to this day, I think about coming face to face with those infamous pine

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