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Grandpa Was a Mover - Original Writing Grandpa was always on the move, and once he decided to go, he didn't waste time looking back. This vital part of his character started at an early age. He was only four when his mother died, and as soon as he was old enough, he left Irwin, Missouri and traveled the world before settling in Kansas City in the early 1920's. Emerson Moseley worked at the central office of the Postal Telegraph and received market closings from all satellite offices. Night after night he received reports, but one in particular caught his attention because it always closed the same way. "Ok, good night, God bless you, see you tomorrow, Della Kay." Curiosity got the best of…show more content…
I stood by helplessly and watched this strong man deteriorate until it finally became necessary to move him to the nursing home. He settled into a tiny little room with only a bed and his recliner. I decorated the room with pictures of the family and my children proudly supplied him with new drawings or schoolwork on a regular basis. His wardrobe was reduced to three outfits with MOSELEY scrawled on every piece with Magic MarkerTM so no one else would steal them. It broke my heart to see him there, but just as I started trying to prepare myself to live without him, I began to see a change. On one of our family's weekly visits, I noticed a smiling silver-haired woman waving at him as we walked through the cafeteria. Grandpa nodded as if he were tipping his hat and I was thrilled to see a spark I hadn't seen in months. "That woman has a crush on me," he said. "Who is she?" I asked as I looked toward her, wondering if she were responsible for the new spring in his step. "Her name is Maude." We headed out the door for Long John Silver's, his favorite place to eat. We went there every Saturday without fail and each time he would say the same thing. "This is the best meal I've ever had." "But Grandpa, you said that last week," one of the kids would invariably say. "I do believe

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