Grandparents Become An Important Figure For Many Children

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Throughout growing up, grandparents become an important figure for many children. My grandparents impacted my life enormously through teaching me things as I grew up. I remember my Grandpa Farber impacting my life immensely, even though his time with me and my other cousins lasted a few years to short. He always made me laugh and he remained there when I needed him. Throughout his life and mine, he became the strongest and uttermost caring person that I knew. I endured his life coming to an end at the age of seven, but I cherish every day I got with him. Memories helped me to remember my grandpa through the great times we enjoyed and forget about the tough year of him battling cancer. My Grandpa Farber became always a role model for me as I started to grow up. A memory that comes to my mind would be the time that he helped me to color in the lines. I would scribble outside of the lines when I colored in a coloring book. Believing that I could stay in the lines became dense for me so I continued to scribble outside of them. Once my grandpa realized that I colored outside of the lines, he thought that he could fix the issue by showing me how to properly color. Considering that I was only three years old, my grandpa never gave up on me and knew that he could encourage me to color right. Eventually I caught on and started to keep my colors inside the lines and soon my pictures went from scribbles to masterpieces. At around the age of four, I began to learn how to ride my bike.
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