Grandparents and their Role in a Child's Life Essay

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Grandparents play a major role in a child’s life. When children do not have the emotional support they need from their parents, they turn to their caregivers, the “Grandparents”. The era of the baby boomers has changed drastically. Grandparents are not as nurturing today as they were decades ago. However, there are some modern grandparents today, which share the same values as those of the prior decades. My children have the pleasure to have met both their maternal and paternal grandparents. Although, they have several grandparents, they are very close to their paternal grandmother. In most families, paternal grandmothers do not have much of a relationship with their grandchildren. In my family’s case, it happens to be the…show more content…
In fact, she has always lived near us and has been a major presence in their lives, hence, has had the keen pleasure of nurturing her grandchildren. My husband and I made the decision to move to Florida to be closer to his mother, thus, integrating his mom into his son’s life. On many occasions, she has been a caregiver for our children. Having had redemption sequences with her own children, becoming a grandmother at the early age of 38, gave her the opportunity to become generative with her grandchildren. She has become more nurturing to her grandchildren than she was with her own children. At times, she feels ambivalent to her grandchildren’s needs. There are times, while disciplining the children, they cry for their “Grandma” as if they need rescuing from mom and dad’s operant conditioning. Because, she takes a pleasure in spoiling them, the boys feel they can get away with certain things at home as if they were in their grandmother’s home. Then, we have to remind them that they are at mom and dad’s home. I enjoy the fact that my children and their grandmother have a special bond. My family believed in keeping the family together and it really means a lot to me. Now that my mother-in-law is currently living with us, she is able to spend more time with her grandchildren and they in turn have their grandmother filling the emotional gap that mom and dad are not able to give them. Many people that I know
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