Granite And Construction Of Granite

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Granite The use of granite in the streetscape is primarily in the form of kerbstones that act as a barrier between paving and road surfaces. Granite kerbs are selected for use because of their durability and also for their aesthetic qualities. The environmental impacts of obtaining granite are those related to quarrying and the emissions from transporting a heavy material. Granite is no longer able to be sourced from the UK in significant quantities for commercial production. Most Granite kerb suppliers import their products from China while the others obtains its granite from Portugal. There is a particular environmental concern regarding the emissions associated with importing materials from such considerable distances. The mode of transport used in these instances is both ship and road vehicle. One supplier leader has recognised the savings of transporting products by water within the UK and has converted to transporting its product by water and recorded a reduction of road miles per shipload with an energy consumption reduction. Although this example states that a conversion to transportation by ship has meant a reduction in energy consumption it is only related to the relatively short distance of transportation within the UK. Other concerns regarding exports from developing countries, such as China, are the poorly controlled environmental and social impacts of quarrying. A Dutch report ‘From Quarry to Graveyard’ covers labour, social, environmental and economic

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