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Over the past years cooking has transformed. Technology and Science have found their way into cooking. Many different chefs have found ways to put science or technology into their dishes. One of those chefs is chef Grant Achatz. He has not only implemented Science and technology into his meals, but he has found creative ways to serve all of his dishes.
Grant was born on April 25, 1974. Grant Achatz’s love for cooking started with cooking eggs in his parents’ small restaurant. Later he attended the Culinary Institute of America. He then graduated with honors. After he cooked in Chicago, and then in some of Europe's Michelin-starred restaurants.He then worked 4 years at The French Laundry. He took one year off to be an assistant winemaker. Four years at The French laundry had also caught the attention of a man named Nick Kokonas. Nick would later help Achatz create a restaurant named Alinea.
At the age of 33, Achatz was diagnosed with stage 3 tongue cancer. He got his taste back slowly. He said that he got his taste back gradually, similar to how a toddler’s taste develops. He got sweet, then sour and so on. The chemotherapy worked, and the tongue cancer has shown no sign of coming back. “Looking back, it helped me become a better chef,” Achatz says, but he doesn't recommend it.
Grant Achatz newest project is a restaurant named
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"If I present to you something that I call 'root beer float,'” Achatz says, “but it's not in a glass — it's on a plate — it's not liquid — it's solid — and it's not brown — it's completely clear — and I say 'root beer float,' and you look at it and you look at me and you think I'm crazy, I think that's a good thing, because now you're engaged. We're engaging you on so many different levels. And then the payoff is when you put that perfectly clear bite-size cube in your mouth, it tastes like a root beer float." He has tried many different ways to have the eater interact with their
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