Grant Misconceptions

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Grants and grant seeking strategies are accompanied by common myths or common misconceptions that individual’s make about the process or habits. One common myth that grant seekers make is that “Grants are free money” in reality grants are accompanied by a set of guidelines or a process that is usually complied by both parties (foundation and donor). The proposal is a very important part of the process since it establish the mission and goal of the foundation, the initiatives and the founder’s wishes should be completed with the use of grants. Another common myth is that “With the harsh economy there is no money to give”, this of course is a common misconception. In reality, there are immense public and private grants available for foundations or individuals willing to present their ideas…show more content…
In reality, grant writing is a collaboration of ideas and initiatives by the organization. Grant seekers must remember that proposal is a process that allows them to communicate to others about the placement of thoughts, proofreading and editing the work in which if individuals actively participate in this process the writing process could be enhanced. The final common myth is “the foundation can rapidly create an application” this is a misconception the work behind a request is greater than it seems. Grant seekers must carefully consider the requirements placed by contributor or the government. More importantly, each contributor has his or her own requirements or specifications before completing the application, some of them require a gathering information, time frame, geographical location, registration, meetings, continuous communication etc. The work of completing an application is just than just login in to a website and submitting the application, individuals must take into consideration the process and work that involves drafting a
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