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Under the rising sun in Grant Park, I bent down into a calf stretch, reminding me once again I’d forgotten to put underwear on. I’d gotten to bed just a few hours earlier after spending a night out with Mia at a new club, Z’s, only to wake up after falling from my bed onto the floor, terror seizing my breath while blood rushed through my ears and my heart galloped out of my chest. It’d taken a few heart-stopping minutes to realize it’d only been a nightmare. I couldn’t remember much other than the primal fear of being chased by a beast with a desire to rip out my throat as I screamed for my life, and then relief at being saved by a man in black. It’d left me unsettled enough I couldn’t go back to sleep, so here I was. At six in the morning. Apparently trying to run off my dream. I stretched my other leg, again reminding me of my wanton state. Maybe it’ll make my run more exciting. With Buckingham Fountain as my starting point, I jogged at a slow pace with the skyscrapers of Chicago a backdrop behind the trees. Already the heat rose up from the ground, though it wasn’t muggy, not yet. As I rounded up to the fountain, a figure emerged from the grove of trees and waved me over. My eyes flicked over him, but I ran on.…show more content…
Breath heavy, my muscles tightened at the sudden stop. I looked back at the man in the shadow of the trees. I didn’t recognize him, but something about him seemed vaguely familiar. “Don’t worry. I won’t
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