Grant Proposal Requirements

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Applying the strategies for writing proposals studied this week, I will be comparing the grant proposal requirements for three separate foundations. The organizations being investigated are the W.K. Kellogg, the Sherman, and Mellon Foundation. Furthermore, I will proceed by reviewing the specific needs for each proposal distinguishing which elements remained the same across each foundation. Moreover, I continue by noting any changes that must be made to the strategy used to produce a proposal. Finally, I present any challenges that may arise from utilizing an online proposal process versus a paper-based process.
Foundations and Requirements
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation was established in 1930 by the cereal pioneer Will Keith Kellogg (WKKF,
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If applicants want to make a good case for themselves, they should clearly communicate what they want as creative ideas for programs. Since some Foundations accept applications, but only a few are selected to submit official proposals the proposal must be aligned with the organization’s vision and mission. Applicants will have a better chance if they work with a team. Working in a team makes brainstorming and overall planning a lot easier. As stated by Carnow, teams can provide feedback and input that will help the main writer of the proposal. Time management is also an essential element to successful proposal writing. The change I would make to the strategy is to recommend that applicants manage their time wisely. Writers should estimate how long it will take them to complete the writing and planning process. Applicants should allow sufficient time for research, writing, budgeting, editing, and proofreading before the proposal is…show more content…
Each organization held different proposal requirements, but there were several similarities. While the elements varied, the standard ones were projected goals, project summary, budget plan, qualifications, past accomplishments, and background information. Two of the foundations expected grant seekers to fill out an application; only then would they be invited to submit a proposal. There were no significant changes I found to be necessary when applying for a proposal online. In regards to strategy, I stated that proposal writers should first make sure they are a good fit for the grant. Secondly, I suggested the proposal be planned out by a team to make sure no topics are missed as well as for editing purposes. I liked that the foundations required an application before the proposal, as it helps the grant writer prepare for the real

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