Granting The Rights Of African Americans : Reconstruction Period

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Revoking the Rights of African Americans: Reconstruction Period During the period of Reconstruction, the African Americans secured many meaningful liberties which consisted of the right to vote, due process of law, protection of private property and the opportunity to run for elected office. However by the year 1910, African Americans could no longer claim many of these rights. At the close of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, race relations between the whites and the blacks also underwent many changes and it changed for the worse and finally it paved way for mass movement for Civil Rights. D Augustus Straker, in The New South Investigated (1988) mentions the concept of a New South Immediately after the end of the war. The concept was that with industrialization, free labor and a booming economy, the South could also create something on the lines of the North side of the country. However, D Augustus Straker who was an African American lawyer highlighted that this version of the new South was much flawed. In his writing he mentioned that the Southern farmers engaged more in the cultivation of other crops like corn, rice and did not restrict themselves to the cultivation of cotton only. The land owners also focused on developing manufacturing units and not letting the lands lie uncultivated. However, with all these changes, Straker points out that the social status of a Negro of the South did not change much. He questions the fact that if the

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