Grants For Non Profit Organizations

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Abstract Multiple non-profit organizations have to rely on what’s called a grant. Foundations, corporations and government agencies help out with the fundraising efforts for the non-profit organization. Grants can be used for multiple purposes from supporting online fundraising that you created to crowd-funding. Grants can be from a few hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars. The amount depends on the source and the purpose of the grant. Receiving a grant is a different process than just receiving a donation from an individual. Non-profit organizations most of the time need to fill out a request and send out to what’s called a grantor. Non-profit organizations can help the organization grow, help the organization reduce risk and can come…show more content…
Types of donations can help your chances of being in risk reduced. If a non- profit relay one type of donation and that happens to fall, grants can help the organization and keep them from going under (CauseVox).
Grants can come in a large sum. While grants can be small, grants have a larger sum of money with it than individual donations. Typically grants are around tens of thousands of dollars (CauseVox).
There are many types of Grants for non-profit organizations, but the more common types of grants are program support, general operating support, research grants, and matching grants (CauseVox).
Program support grants are the most common type of grant out there. The uses for this grant has a specific purpose and the program generally is not used to cover administrative expenses (CauseVox).
General operating support grants are most the least restrictive type of grant out there. They can be used to the recipient to cover almost any expenses needed for the non-profit (CauseVox).
Research grants are commonly used for the health-oriented foundations and will provide research grants to academics, scientist and other researchers working on a particular issue. Research grants are not common for young organizations. It is an important source of funding for many that are breaking new ground on an issue
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There is an application process for all government grants and not all non-profits qualify for them. If the non-profit organization qualifies for the government grant, you are agreeing to carry out the activities that is described in the grant application. All government grants include various conditions and are always that the grantee must have provided a periodic financial plus program reports on their contractual activities (Fundraising for Noprofits RSS).
There are two types of grants that the federal government has. One is called a Direct Grant which you can apply directly to a federal agency. A Pass-Through Grant which a state government receives federal grant money and then passes the funds on to local non-profit organizations. Organizations that qualify for federal grants are typically educational organizations, public housing, and non-profit organizations that have a 501 (c) (3) IRS status (Fundraising for Noprofits RSS). Many non-profit organizations can find grants through other areas and do not just have to rely on federal government
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