Grapes Of Wrath Analysis

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Essay #4 Sometimes the solution to a problem creates more problems. Robert DeMott wrote that The Grapes of Wrath is a novel that humanizes the treatment of the oppressed by those in power. The story revolves around the Joad family that has been kicked out of their land by the rich landowners and forced to look for work elsewhere after the Dust Bowl ruined the crops. A theme that comes up at many points in the novel is unity more specifically the unity created by a community. The premise that the novel humanizes the treatment of the migrant workers is true given how the bank is portrayed, the source of the problem, and the strength displayed by the migrant workers. One of the ways that the novel humanizes the treatment of the migrants is by deflecting the blame to non-human entities. This is first seen near the beginning of the novel when the rich landowners come to evict the farmers from their land. During said encounter, the farmers try to find someone to blame such as the bank to which the landlord replies “every man in a bank hates what the bank does” (Steinbeck 73). What this shows is that although the bank was created by men and run by men, it was still something beyond human that could not be controlled. In essence, the bank was alive and fed off profits so it could not be blamed for doing what needed to be done in order to gain profits. Later on in the novel, the bank is again portrayed as being alive with it being shown to want “tractors, not families on the land”
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