Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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Anger is one of the strongest driving emotions one could feel. In the novel Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, set in the 1930’s, the Joad family experiences the hardships, fear, and frustration in result of the Great Depression. From the stock market crash to the drought sweeping crops away, the Great Depression destroyed the livelihoods of many farmers and civilians, causing fear and anger to arise from everyone. Although people may view anger as a violent, frightening emotion, it is vital for expression of care, provides self-insight, and is a strong motivating force. Anger, a natural reaction of being wronged, is a way of communicating a sense of injustice. While traveling to a new camp after facing some difficulties with their car, Tom and Ma begin having a conversation about how Tom was angry at the law and the deputies. Ma tells Tom not to be like that to where Tom responds, “‘If it was the law they was workin ' with, why we could take it. But it ain 't the law. They 're a-workin ' away at our spirits...they 're workin ' away at our decency.”’ (20, 358). The discrimination “Oakies” face makes finding work and someone who cares about their wellbeing, nearly impossible. Tom, as with the rest of the family, is furious that they have to sneak around and that they are unable to provide for themselves. The deputies are creating anger within everyone causing families to be more aware of the situation, enabling them to show the they will do anything in their power to
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