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John Steinbeck uses symbolism to enrich his writing. Several of these symbols can be found in his book, The Grapes of Wrath. The Joad’s, a family from Oklahoma, are in search of a better life. They leave their home in journey to California because of the dust bowl. The symbols in the book are the dust, the turtle, names of people, and the grapes. These symbols give the reader an additional perspective of the book. Dust represents life and death. Dust makes a mess of things and leaves possessions under a mucky film. The farming in Oklahoma becomes difficult because the heavy winds uplift the soil and carry it great distances. Then the farmers are left with no soil to grow their crops. The Joad’s livelihood depends on the soil. If the…show more content…
An’ they ain’t done it, neither” (p.62). Muley’s last name symbolizes death. The fact that he is to die on his land. Everyone is tractored off the land, but him. As the Joad’s are forced to move off their land, they decide to move west, to California. After traveling all night they finally reach the mountains on the other side of the desert. Everyone gets out of the truck to gawk at the beautiful fields. But not everyone sees the same thing. Tom claims that Ruthie and Winfield, his younger siblings, are the ones that see the true beauty. “Who’s really seein’ it is Ruthie an’ Winfiel’” (p.313). Winfield is young and his name hints to the reader that he might “win the fields” from the rich farmers down the line. He is capable of working the land and may be the first farmer of the Joad family. While Ruthie, she is ruthless. She is very cruel and finds it hard to share. She was nibbling on some cracker jacks and some kids came and asked for some crackers, but Ruthie, she wouldn’t share. “So Ruthie got mad an’ chased ‘em, an’ she fit one, an’ then she fit another, an’ then one big girl got up an’ licked her” (p.563). Although she appears to be strong in reality she is weak . Grapes are the fruit of the vine; something sweet. But in actuality for the Joad’s they are a disappointment. The Joad’s talk about them as being this wonderful fruit that will bring them a better life. They will pick the grapes and earn

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