Grapes of Wrath Analytical Essay

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One Can Help Several Defeat Despair When the devastation of Dustbowl hit the families in Okalahoma, chaos erupted. In the book The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck prevails a story of tragedy and struggle, but also the conquering of triumph. Each character in this novel individually matures, however Ma Joad’s development is the most significant. She is the threshold of the family’s well being. Through all the obstacles the Joad family faced, Ma grew in strength and drive as well as maintaining the family’s faith and hope for future success. Ma is a hardheaded and stubborn woman. When she had an idea, she put it into action and was determined to succeed. As Tom described Ma, "An’ Ma ain’t nobody you can push aroun’ neither. I seen her…show more content…
Ma was trying to soothe her and explain that, yes, there will be ups and downs in life but it doesn’t matter what they are, it matters how one overcomes these struggles and what one takes from each interference. Further along the Joad’s journey to California, Ma ran into a dilemma—Granma’s health. Instead of sharing with the family the news of granma’s death and mourning over their loss, she kept this devastation to herself and grieved alone for the sake of the family’s arrival to their destination (252). If all else failed, Ma’s strength never fell short of shining through. She was the main provider of the family’s anticipation for potential victory, and she executed this task exceptionally well. There are many events in this book that display the obvious transformation in Ma’s character. From private internal suffering to the unconditional love she shares with each family member, there is no doubt that Ma had the vastest change of personal development throughout this entire

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