Grapes of Wrath Book Report

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The Joad family is forced to move to California because of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, which has made it impossible for them to earn a livelihood through farming. Drought and depression has made it impossible for farmers to grow a substantial amount to live on. As inflation rises and wages drop, a gigantic worker migration heads West in search of Jobs. They have seen notices asking for workers in the western part of the United States, and travel thinking that they will find gainful employment. However there is much to learn about the United States in its economic turmoil. During the depression, thousands of people looked for work, and were cheated every step of the way. The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, is the story about a…show more content…
They will have to travel 200 miles, and the Joads would rather not move again. They encounter a contractor who offers them a job picking fruit up north. Floyd asks to see the man's contract, and the contractor calls a deputy sheriff out from his car accusing Floyd of agitating the workers. Tom and Casy knock the deputy unconscious. Later Casy is taken to jail and the camp is torched for "red" in influences. The family moves on to a government camp, where they find running water and a well-established community but little work. At the Weedpatch camp, decisions are made by committee, the women share childcare duties, and the police are not allowed to enter without a permit. The campers invite Tom to look for work at their site. He meets the owner, Thomas, who tells them that the wage has been lowered from thirty to twenty-five cents. He also warns them that there is going to be a fight at the Saturday night dance at the camp, because the police want an excuse to infiltrate the campsite. A touring car drives to the entrance, and the driver calls that he heard they have a riot inside. The guard tells him that there is no riot, and asks who they are. They say they are deputy sheriffs, and he asks for a warrant. They say they do not need one if there is a riot, and the guard responds that there is none. The car drives away and waits nearby. However they leave when nothing erupts. The Joad leave only because they cannot earn a
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