Grapes of Wrath Ch.5-8 Theme Analysis

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Oscar Medina AP Lit Per.1 Mr. Royal February 9, 2012 Grapes of Wrath Ch. 5-8 Analysis Ch.5 Theme: A theme found in this chapter is “The Monster,” or to be more exact, human control. The Monster is the bank, as it takes the money away from all the people. The bank has a power over the people, as they are desperate just to clear their debt fro m the bank. It is as though it is a monster, forcing the people to do whatever is possible, from stealing to scavenging, just to help with the debt. Some are forced to leave their lands and travel to California, where it is said to have jobs, so the people have to raise money for the trip. Humans lose control of their own lives, and have to do unorthodox things to help their lives. They are controlled…show more content…
They see the truck and believe that the smoke from their fire set them off. Joad believes that the superintendent will not do much, as they are not doing anything, but Muley knows that he will, because they are trespassing on the land, and even that is enough for the superintendent to kill them. “We’re doin’ somepin jus’ bein’ here. We’re trespassin’” (77). The superintendent basically hunts trespassers, and Muley knows, as he becomes the hunted, and also becomes a “run-an’-hide fella” (78). It gets more dramatic as there are only two options for Joad and Casy, especially since the deputy has a gun, “he either got to kill you or you got to get his gun away an’ kill him” (79). It situation becomes extreme especially with the possibility of death, but luckily there are able to scathe off the deputy. Ch.7 Theme: A theme for this chapter is deception. It takes about the car owners, and what they did to make a huge profit. Many people, due to the great depression, and hearing of news of opportunity in California, had wanted to travel, since any hope of being successful, if you weren’t already, was slim in these parts of the country. To travel they would need a car to help them get to California.

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