Grapes of Wrath Essay: Moving From Me to We

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Moving From Me to We in The Grapes of Wrath    The play, The Grapes of Wrath, explores how the Joad family adapts to a new reality, how their concern changes from their own family and problems, to other families and their difficulties, until their concern includes all of the migrants and the larger problems of unemployment and prejudice. The Joad family’s journey to California results in the breakup of their family. The very first cause of the breakup of the individual family was with the loss of their land. The Joad family had lived there for many generations and had very strong ties to the land. Losing their land was equivalent to losing their family history. This is expressed by “She puts them in her pocket, closes…show more content…
You can tell that Casy is having second thoughts about leaving for out west, and it’s almost like he is having a premonition. He tries to convince Tom that something funny is going on, but Tom just ignores him. Casy responds by saying “Oh, what the hell! So goddamn hard to say anything” (Galati 37). Uncle John is also having bad feelings and he expresses this to Casy when he says “I got a feelin’ I’m bringin’ bad luck to my own folks” (Galati 41).  Furthering the family break up, Noah, who was also traveling with the family, found his place when they were at the river. He realized that he could catch fish and never be sad. Noah did not want to leave his family but he knew that it wasn’t going to get any better. While the Joad family was breaking up a shift was happening. After the family looses Connie, Casy and Tom, Ma knew that she is just supposed to go on. When she tells Pa “Man, he lives in a jerk—baby born an’ a man dies, an’ that’s a jerk—gets a farm an’ loses his farm, an’ that’s a jerk.” (Galati 81). Ma is realizing that there is a circle of life, that the death of one may bring life to another, as shown in the end when Rose of Sharon feeds her breast milk for her dead baby to a dying man. Ma’s way of thinking is best illustrated by the quote  "Can't wipe us out. Can't lick us. We'll go on forever. 'Cause we're the people." Ma Joad was going through this shift in thinking. Through many struggles and multiple losses, the Joad family endured many nearly

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