Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

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Grapes of wrath United States in the 30s. In full economic Depression, many families of farmers, who have lost their homes and land, must go to the West to find in the grape harvesting a livelihood. On the way, misunderstanding and violence will hover over every family, especially on the Joad family, which serves as an archetype. Tom Joad just go out of prison, on parole, for killing a man. And upon returning home, found that the lands have been expropriated by a strong company. It is tells for the only survivor, who stubbornly stay gone crazy. The Joad family begins the exodus from Oklahoma to California. Thus, Tom found his own and march together in an old van, packed with people and objects. It is an odyssey into “the promised land”, in which on the way, the grandparents die while the family is staying in miserable homes and migratory labor camps. Casey, a former cleric, who was traveling with them, is killed while trying to call a strike demanding better wages. Anger seizes Tom taking vengeance in killing a policeman. And to reach a state farm, will have to flee for one murder. The family, without him, again they take the endless road, under the full direction of hope of Ma Joad, who said aloud to her husband: "But we are alive, and we kept walking. They can not kill us and crush us; we will be always forward, because we are the people. The movie reflects the climate of desolation, despair and poverty lived by most of the
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