Graphene Is The Cutting Edge Material

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Graphene is the cutting edge material in the field of nanotechnology materials. In recent years, the single layer hexagonal shaped carbon has rocked the world of modern physics and material engineering with its unique electronic properties and manufacturing cost. As a result, extensive researches have been conducted over years in order to discover the new potentials of graphene. In this review, the production method of graphene and the general properties are mentioned briefly. In addition, the applications and drawbacks of the graphene are discussed below. Generally speaking, graphene will be the most suitable candidate to replace silicon in all manners in manufacturing electronic devices as now we are going beyond silicon ages. Keywords:…show more content…
The aim of this review is to introduce graphene as potential material in manufacturing electronic devices. In this review, graphene properties, structure, forms of formations, productions techniques are discussed briefly below. The advantages and drawbacks of the applications of graphene-based materials are being addressed briefly in this review. In general, graphene has emerged becoming one of the most valuable innovation material in various fields in the meantime offers new insights of new quantum physics that continue to amaze the public. Forms of graphene Graphene can exist in many forms such as bilayers, nanostripes, graphite oxides, ligand complex, fibre or 3D. ( figure 1) Generally speaking, graphene exists as a flat monolayer of the carbon atom that tightly packed together which form a two-dimensional honeycomb lattices. The thin layer honeycomb shaped graphene can be wrapped up or rolled up into 1D nanotubes or stacked into 3D graphite. ( Geim & Novoselov 2012).A different form of graphene has various type of function. For example, graphene bilayers were applied widely in manufacturing zero gap semiconductor. Theoretically speaking, by decreasing the thickness of the graphene will lead to decreased melting point and instability of the structure ( Geim & Novoselov 2012). Yan et al. (2011) also demonstrated that bilayer graphene was more
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