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Task 1 Part A – Graphics Cards A graphics card is part of computers main hardware, the purpose of the graphics card is to control and enhance how the graphics look on the computer screen. Examples of graphics seen on a computer screen are pictures, videos and animations. The price range on a graphics card is extremely wide as they can range anywhere between fifty pound and two thousand. Most of the time the graphics card can be easily changed as they may need to be upgraded from time to time, this is why they are on the motherboard and can be plugged in and out with ease. Depending on the use of a computer will help determine what graphic card should be used for example if the computer will be mainly used with text based programs like Word…show more content…
A good processor will enable faster performance from the computer and will allow power efficiency when working with graphics. The CPU is measured in gigahertz per second or GHz. A better CPU will allow programs like Photoshop to run faster and better. A good processor allows the computer to run the software and work out the calculations to manipulate and edit graphics. Part D – Digital Camera A digital camera is a device used to capture images or videos. Most 21st cameras today are digital as they allow good quality images and sound with minimal storage space. Benefits of using a digital camera is that they are able to display the image as soon as they are taken which allows the user to see if the photo was good or bad also if a photo is bad the device can easily delete it to leave room for better photos or videos. The optical system works like the same as in film cameras, typically using the same kind of lens with a variable diaphragm to focus light onto an image pickup device. Images can be brought onto a computer quickly for editing or printing through a USB link or wireless technology. Most cameras create JPEG images and are relatively low in cost. Part E – Flash Memory Card A flash memory card provides a permanent storage space in a digital camera. It can store both images and videos. The cards are measured in gigabits and range from 1 GB up to 32 GB. There are many advantages to using these flash cards as they are small and portable as

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