Graphic Causes A Great Impact On The Consumers Mind

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The previous mentioned tagline and graphic causes a great impact in the consumers mind because it evokes both, a feeling or emotion as well as a relation with time; this strategy is called “Nostalgia”.
Basically, the word Nostalgia means “a preference towards objects that were common when one was younger in adolescence, childhood or even before birth” (Holbrook and Schindler, 1991, p.330) or in another view it can mean “when a “love of home” instinct controls one’s emotions and the individual experiences homesickness (Rutherford and Shaw, 2011). Although Brands know that people are not only influenced by immediate circumstances, but also by their pasts and they also know that their consumers cannot return to the past, but they can try to preserve it through nostalgic consumption activities (Bambauer-Sachse and Gierl, n.d.) since, as stated by Orth and Gal (2011), consumption also acts like a regulator of the mood; meaning that consumers can regulate or calm their emotions by buying certain product and that’s exactly what the black and white adverstiment is all about, Patek Philippe is not selling just a watch, it’s selling a trip to a past experience through Nostalgia.
Now-a-days, companies are using this strategy to position their products in the marketplace to reach to their target market and differentiate themselves from competitors (Kessous and Roux, 1998) as well as a way to stay in the consumers mind by provoking a feeling of a past memory. Furthermore, by using this

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