Graphic Design And Advertising

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Graphic Design and Advertising Positive Impact on Our World.
“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” ( Jonathon Swift). We have been indulging in the arts and have used art as a way to express and interact with the people surrounding us. To the carved images on rocks, and to the cartoons shown on the TV, the evolution of Graphic Design has shown us the importance of typography, photographers, illustrators etc. have on our society. When paper, ink, and pencils didn’t exist, our ancestors would carve their warnings, messages, and emotions on rocks and walls. Our ancestors don’t realize that such small acts such as these was the beginning of a huge movement, that wouldn’t be recognized until thousands years later. During the 16th century, China was able to establish a technique called woodblock printing or, the application of ink on raised curved surface, that allowed multiple text and images to be made quickly. China’s wide extension of printing slowly reached the middle east and caused Europe to start producing woodblock broadsides and printed books. The first printing press was constructed by Johannes Gutenberg, which was the first metal movable type to create a large amount of printed books. In the Old days books were very rare, expensive and were very valuable. The creation of the Printing press allowed books to be done faster, cheaper and it allowed books to be more accessible to the public. Graphic Design or “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in
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