Graphic Design And Visual Arts

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Graphic design and Visual arts are two different artistic fields. The field of Graphic design, which is responsible for creating solutions that, has a high visual impact. The role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions. Designs by graphic designers are required for huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games/video games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays. Visual arts on the other hand are art forms such as ceramic, drawing, painting, sculptures and photography and architecture. The difference in visual arts and graphic design is that many people do not think of graphic designers as being artist and they should only be referred to as designers. Visual Arts People, argue that designing is a skill and art is a God given gift. Graphic design majors are artist because it takes talent to do what they do; it takes hard work to create complex graphics. They have to come up with a design by sketching it out. Then graphic designers have to bring their art to life using the computer. Both visual artist and graphic designers have a passion for art. They are both creative professions to pursue. Some people argue that Visual Art people are more hands on with their work; they use a lot of physical ability to do their art. Graphic designers use technology to do more of their art. They use objects such as images, symbols, and words to complete
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