Graphic Design For Print Module

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Graphic design for print module is based on developing ideas from concept to final print ready artwork across a spectrum of printed media. During this module I was experiencing different methods of preparing art work for print. I went through printing history and based on my experience with some of these media I just developed my printing skills. ANNA’S HOME by Vogue as a project I have decided to do ANNA’S HOME by Vogue as a main project for many reasons. First reason was Vogue by itself. Vogue was always a holy magazine to me and I have always had it as a symbol of beauty, perfection and sophistication. My first intention was to do a fashion magazine but as many people in my class decided for fashion type of print pieces I wanted to…show more content…
But what is different? My store will support young designers to sell their unique pieces, just like I have created during my high school studies, I want to encourage celebrities to create their own limited collection of home decorations, just like H&M collaborates with high-end fashion designers. Also having a great brand name as Vogue as a supporter will give not just a publicity but also the feel of quality guarantee. Many high-street brands having their home section e.g.. Zara, M&S, H&M, Primark etc… Their collaboration with famous designers offered not just a limited collections but also reasonable prices compare to their standard prices. So my question was why not Vogue? Vogue inspires million of people around the world in fashion since 1892, when it was created by Arthur Baldwin Turnere, but majority of products published in this magazine is quite expensive. My ideas should help to Vogue to extend their influence and support young designers as well. Also designers designing for this brand could spread their products for more reasonable prices. Identity I have created a logo which according my opinion fully describes ANNA’S HOME by Vogue as a brand. I have decided to use a hexagon as a main shape. Reason why is simple. If you look at the hexagon and split it in half it will remind you a silhouette of house and the other half as a reflection. And no matter how you rotate it it will still remind you a house. Which is a great connection to home
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