Graphic Design : Imagine The World Without Art

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Baily Fathauer Mrs. Chappell Honors English 10- 6th hour 8 February 2016 Graphic Design Imagine the world without art. It would be extremely dull, gloomy, and depressing. Art brings color, individuality, uniqueness, and happiness into our lives. Graphic design is one way to express this. Graphic designers are able to be creative and see their vision of what something should look like come to life. It is a job that is always in demand, earns a great living, and provides many great opportunities. Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content (Cezzar). Creativity and ideas are used to create logos and individuality for products, services, companies, organizations, government agencies, and so on (Career Cruising). Colors, photographs, illustrations, fonts, and other graphics are used to get across a particular message, tell a story, or create a feeling (Career Cruising). This can be the design of something small, or large (Cezzar). Graphic designers can specialize in many different fields such as web design, desktop publishing, advertising design, and product design (Fleming). It is important to be familiar with different computer programs because they are often needed with certain designs and projects (Career Cruising). A typical day for a graphic designer may vary, but it is likely to find a few assignments that will take longer than others (Fleming). Job titles in the graphic design industry are

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