Graphic Design Positive Or Negative?

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Graphic design and advertising has a positive impact on the world because it has improved our society socially. Based on The Effect of computers in Graphic Design: Positive or Negative? by Lillian Myers it is said that “Graphic Design plays a major role in modern life. It is a crucial element in advertising and in conveying information quickly.”(Lillian Myers). Artist and designers use all their skills to find a way to express their thoughts, emotions and find a way to share their thoughts with the world. Web Design has allowed us to receive these information all it takes is a click to find what you're looking for. Advertisement such as the Posters hanged on the walls or the ads on T.V are there to lure people’s attention. After a person’s attention is grabbed, it gives that person curiousity. This curiosity causes them to wonder and ask questions, which then leads to them finding help with a certain company. As a result of just one poster or Advertisement it has influenced people to wonder and communicate with the people surrounding them, they do this to receive the answer to their question. Therefore, showing us that a poster or an ad can influence someone to talk to somebody about the product. According to The Impact of Social Media on Advertising from CompuKol Communications “Marketers are using traditional forms of marketing (radio, television and print) as well as using the Internet to reach out to customers and potential customers.”(Michael Chon). Technology and the
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