Graphic Design in the Early 20th Century

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2. “Describe how the graphic imagery in posters, book design or advertising related to its contemporary socio-economic or political context. Refer to examples in the early 20th century.”

Graphic Design in the early 20th century was created by artists as a prescribed function of advertising and propaganda, and was considered a secondary art form. Through the use of lithographic printing, woodblock prints, chromolithography, drawing and painting, many artists were able to produce striking images on posters, which conveyed messages that were directly related to the issues facing society at that time.

During the first and Second world wars, graphic design posters had become a very popular way of spreading a message to society via mass
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Many safety issues were raised during periods of war, which included work safety issues, how to deal with first aid and a fire strike and also how to react in a blackout. These posters were important to remind people of how to act during a war, and were effective in ensuring safety information was well known by all.

Citizens were warned about the dangers of travelling in a blackout (which were frequent) and also about how to act after dark. Posters indicated how to hail a bus, how to keep quiet during a blackout and also how to be aware of your surroundings. Other posters described how to ensure the building was safe, to make sure you turned off the lights at night and covered all doors and windows.

During the war periods of the 20th century, there was a large push for saving food and supplies, and where possible- growing or making your own and saving it. Many posters and advertisements focused on saving water, bread, meat and scraps and not throwing anything away, as the work force was so depleted due to the conditions of war. Citizens were pleaded to save bread, preserve what they could for their survival in an attack and to only buy local products and support their own country
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