Graphic Designer Personal Statement

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“Never complain of what your parents couldn't give you. It was probably all they had.”-Anonymous. My aspiration has always been to achieve beyond what my parents were able to do. Ever since I was young, I would examine how my parents would have a rough time to support my family and I. My parents immigrated El Salvador to the United States having little education, since they didn't attend school most of the time because they were impelled to start working at a young age. My parents thought of their future kids and didn't want us to go through the same thing they did. Even though I didn't have brand clothes, shoes or games I was grateful for what I had even if it was hand me downs. I recognized that whatever they provided for us was worked from the sweat of their foreheads. My community wasn't so great, I grew up in Van Nuys, California there was always some high-risk situations…show more content…
I love putting visions into play and giving it my unique touch. Therefore I will proceed to be an Industrial/product designer or graphic designer. By becoming an industrial designer I would design products that facilitate people with their daily lives, especially people with needs and disabilities. I feel that not so much attention is given to people with disabilities. Designers and engineers are always coming out with the new iPhone, TV, or car, but we never see any advertisements on things that can benefit people. The other career I'm interested is graphic design, I love letting my creative side come into play. Being on the computer ,using photoshop and illustrator is my biggest passion because that's where I can make my own art. I was honored this year in 20015 to design my sister's Quinceanera invitations and they came out amazing I was able to put my own unique touch to it, they looked as if there were professionally done. Design is my ambition and no one will take me away from
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