Graphic Images And Biological Markers

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Abstract For all neuropsychiatric disorders, there are key graphic images and biological markers, also known as biomarkers, which can facilitate early diagnosis and the formulation of the most efficacious intervention. In sum, biomarkers work similar to a calling card by identifying the symptoms and the impact it is having on the individual. In some cases of depression, there are clear signs that can help clinicians understand the lasting effects on the person by identifying the condition’s etiology, ruling out alternative diagnoses, and predicting progression when used in combination with other clinical tools and patient interviews. Biomarkers are indicators of a disease state as they can be used to identify a specific disease, chart its…show more content…
Together, these different elements will highlight the effects of depression and how they shape the way someone sees the world around them. Outline Of Depression There are a number of different types of depression, all of which interfere with people’s day-to-day lives. Two of the more severe types are major depression and persistent depressive disorder (Johnson & Indvik, 2009). These types of depression are generally characterized by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, low mood, negative attitudes about the self, joylessness, and increased sadness, with the former lasting a few days, weeks or months while the latter persists for two years or more (Johnson & Indvik, 2009). A subclinical biomarker is determining the specific signs of depression and how they might affect an individual’s behavior. The most notable signs for depression include structural abnormalities in the hippocampus (Fu & Costafreda, 2013), decreased left midfrontal gyrus activities, improving right frontal gyrus activation, increased connections between the precuneus seed region and rising left orbitofrontal cortex /paracingulate activation during non-win outcomes during a reward-processing task (Felder et al., 2012). These elements are showing the long-term impacts depression will have on the body. This is taking place through shifting the way the mind functions and how various chemicals are
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