Graphic Novel Autocratic Style

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Based on the graphic novel given, Lizabella was first been fired by her previous boss without don’t know what she did wrong in her previous organisation. After she went home, the box that she filled with her belonging from office suddenly she heard a phone “Kring,Kring” from the box. So, she answered the call and a secret person offering a job to her as a secretary of Daniel Kwok at the same times is also a Secret Agent to investigate Shoppe Management problem and she accepted the offer because that can help her pay off her bills with extra to spend. Daniel also known as Mr.Kwok in the organisation, he is the manager at Shoppe Management. However, Daniel is a good manager that with hard working attitude but also an autocratic manager that most…show more content…
In this theory, there is 3 type of leadership style that is Autocratic style, Democratic style and Laissez faire style. However, in this graphic novel Daniel only involved in autocratic style during part 1 of the story and democratic style during part 2 of the story. Autocratic Style did happen on Daniel before Lizabella talk to Daniel about his emotion. At first, Daniel was a leader that tell everyone what to do, dictate all the work methods and processes, and enforce their own idea and judgement during the meeting. As in the graphic novels, Daniel was rejected all the proposals prepared by his worker because he think that their idea is not good. Through to Daniel irritated and annoyed emotion, it makes all his worker remain silent during the meeting and follow decision made by Daniel that is “Family Theme” even through the idea was old fashion or not work anymore for the old and outdated shopping centre. Beside this, Daniel don’t accept any excuses make by his worker. The only thing that Daniel concentrate is to complete the task given by him and submit to him before the deadline given. He is an autocratic person that won’t feel on other even excuses given is reasonable. However, there is an advantage for autocratic style that autocratic person will be effective when come to quickly decision needed without time to consult. Which the disadvantages is…show more content…
Lizabella is an extroversion person because she is good in her interpersonal skill and greater social dominance and more emotionally expressive when first in the organisation between few week Lizabella tend to join her colleagues for birthday party and started to get close with Daniel by helping him prepare some snack box, coffee, flower pot and so on. With extroversion personality, it helps Lizabella to get close with her boss easily and this is the chance to give Lizabella to guidance Daniel about his emotion that other don’t like. With extroversion, there is few advantages that bring benefits to him that will be it help to promote faster than other individual because them makes a good relation in short period of time, which means that he can achieve his personal goals faster. With an outgoing nature, an extrovert is likely to develop in his life much quicker than those who are reserved and shy, as they can impress other people easily with confidence. Beside this, extroversion will also make them expressive because them can express their feeling easily compared with introverts, which means that he can let his heart out with anybody. This expressive nature can be a huge advantage for them as it can help become relaxed and feel good. Moreover, this will enable him to get more good friends, though it can also create more haters. After all,
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