Graphic Organizer Observation

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Expectations: My expectations for the students will be explained to them before they begin their work. I expect them to work quietly with their partner on their guided worksheet. Once they are done, they will be expected to show what they have learned in a well thought out paragraph that has the correct punctuation. If they have questions, I expect them to raise their hand and I will come over and help them as needed. I also expect them to turn in quality work and review their writing before they turn both papers in.

Assessment: I will be assessing the graphic organizer, and short paragraph from both students. I will look to see if they filled all areas of the graphic organizer. I will then make sure that a few of those boxes are included
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They were SO excited to get started; they could hardly keep their hands off the books and quiet. I told them I would let them choose as a pair once they were quiet and we got through everything I needed to tell them. This kept tem quiet for 30 seconds (maybe) ☺ I told them who ever was respectful the whole time would get to pick their book first. Next, I went over the graphic organizer and we filled out the sample that was blown up on the board together. They had a hard time getting a hang of this at first but once I prompted them they were okay. I would ask “what kind of things would you put under what they eat category” and they would respond with specific things that an animal would eat. For example: “bugs and grass.” I was hoping for more board response such as “food, water, omnivore, and herbivore” but that was not the response I got. Which is okay, so I prompted them a little bit, and they got the hang of it. After the graphic organizer, I went over the directions, which I found out very quickly, were a little over the students reading level. I read them the directions and we briefly talked about the steps and moved on. I let the groups pick out their books and they did have a few small disagreements during this time but it ended up being
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