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When analysing Dorothy’s ‘Grasmere and Alfoxden journals’ and William’s ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ it is impossible for the question of the true nature of Dorothy and William’s relationship not to be raised. Despite the fact that William married Mary Hutcherson and then had an affair and a child with his french lover Annette Vallon, his relationship with his sister seemed to stretch much farther than simple familial love. In an article in ‘The Guardian’ entitled “Remember Dorothy” by James Fenton it is stated that according to Dorothy’s journals William parted from her in order to be with his then soon to be wife Ms Hutcherson. Dorothy writes “I gave him the wedding ring, with how deep a blessing! I took it from my forefinger where I had…show more content…
In fact the climax of the Grasmere journals all centre around her reaction and means of coping with the wedding. Which she cannot even bear to attend, yet she still ‘flung herself onto her brother’s breast’ upon his return, she even accompanied him on his honeymoon.

Virginia Rounding references the book ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth’ by Frances Wilson rather frequently and states that one of Wilson’s most intriguing insights is in which he compares William and Dorothy’s relationship to that of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff in Emily Bronté’s novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ who are so much a part of one another that they cannot be separated.

Dorothy’s degeneration, as described by Frances Wilson, is rather saddening. It seemed that as the years went by, Dorothy slowly began losing her mind. Wilson states: ‘Her Pleasures as the years dragged by were no longer watching the birds or the surface of the lake, but waiting for the cuckoo clock to strike the hour, which made her whoop with delight, and splashing water around in a kitchen
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However when looking at the ‘Grasmere and Alfoxden journals’ and Wordsworth’s daffodils side by side through the eyes of a feminist critical thinker and reader, it is difficult to comprehend the unjustness that women in the nineteenth century faced due to its reigning patriarchal society. The idea that no one would’ve bat an eyelid has Dorothy claimed the part she played in Wordsworth’s poem because she was a mere woman both astounds and angers me.

The relationship between William Wordsworth’s ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ and Dorothy Wordsworth’s ‘Grasmere Journals’ is undeniably illuminated when both sources are read side by side with a feminist point of view. The similarities which I have outlined above are too blatantly obvious for one to even attempt to deny, this coupled with the fact the ‘Grasmere and Alfoxden’ journals were written between the years 1800 and 1803, and Wordsworth's ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ was written approximately four to seven years

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