Grasping Learning Concepts in Different Ways

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Grasping Learning Concepts in Different Ways When students reach college, or higher education schools, the professor’s desire to accommodate students starts to decline, especially with caring about the way that their students learn differently. The inability of higher education to accommodate students with different learning styles is an unavoidable issue. Every student learns differently, but you can group the learning styles into four main categories: visual learning (learn by seeing), auditory learning (learn by hearing), kinesthetic learning (learn by moving), and tactile learning (learn by touching). Learning styles are influenced by a student’s genetic make-up, their previous learning experiences, their culture, and the society…show more content…
She likes to move around and do hands on activities in order to absorb what she is doing. She said that MSU lecture halls do not help her learn. This is because she has to sit in a desk the whole class and listen to someone speaking, so she more than often gets sidetracked and cannot pay attention. Carrie said that she had never really thought much about it before, but this is a big problem. She continued with agreeing with me on the fact that if she was able to move around and do more activities to learn in the classrooms to help her grasp the visual concept aspect, she would be more likely to come out of the class learning more. The second person that I interviewed is in his third year at MSU, a Biology major, Scott Gringer. He said that he had never came upon the question about what type of learning style he has. After explaining all four of the different types of learning to him, he was quick to say that he was an auditory learner. He would rather sit in a classroom, listen and take notes on a subject rather than move around. Scott said that MSU does accommodate his way of learning because that is how the lecture halls are set up. After talking to just two people about this situation, it is apparent that everyone really does learn differently and has different points of views on the matter. There are opposing arguments to believing that higher education should accommodate students with different
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