Grasser's Case Letter

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Mr. Grasser is a 62-year-old male here to follow up from his visit with me in August. Please see that note for complete details. He is here today to discuss further some of the symptoms we had mentioned then including memory decline and depression symptoms.
The patient wants to also update me as far as the arm pain he mentioned last time. He says his left arm is feeling better now. He is noticing that his right shoulder is hurting at times, especially in certain positons such as while he is sleeping and if he has his arm raised over his head while he is lying down. He had no specific injury or trauma. He is not aware of anything that makes it better or worse. He is not using any medication for it thus far. He would be interested in having
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No visible rashes.
Gait is normal in the office today.
Mark Grasser is a 62-year-old male here today for followup of multiple issues.

Intermittent right shoulder and left hip pain. I did give him an order for x-rays. I will review results with him when available.

Depression symptoms. We discussed this at length. I gave him some of our counseling information. Should he decide he needs to discuss this further with me, he will let me know. I have encouraged him to ensure he is getting enough sleep, eating a proper diet and getting regular exercise as well.

Memory concerns. At this point, he would like to hold off on any further testing, which we discussed what could be done. He would like to see how he does with working on his mental health issues and will let me know if he would like to look at that further, if he is finding it to be more of an issue. I have asked him to do a B12, which was omitted from the original lab slip order and again he will be contacted with those results when available.

I will see the patient back in a few months, sooner if he feels that is necessary. He did receive the flu vaccine in the office today. All questions were
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