Gratification Theory Of Planned Behavior

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The selected theories and concepts for this research will be used in designing the questions and setting the measures for the questionnaire and the interviews as well. In addition, the theories and behavioral models will be used in analyzing and better understand the data obtained and in setting up the results of the research. The research will include the uses gratification theory as it will explore a media usage motivation in depth. It states that people are actively seeking for different media tools that would help them satisfy their needs (Katz, Blumler & Gurevitch, 1974). This theory will provide insights into the specific motivation of hook up and casual sex found on Tinder. Next to this, the use of media in general is highly prominent in the lives of emerging adults; they spend more time on media than on any other activity (Coyne, Padilla-Walker & …show more content…

This concept will be used in attempts to understand how and why people practice a risky sexual behavior . People might go for casual sex or go for unprotected sex if they think they can control the outcome of such a behavior by talking medications or following post un-protected sex procedures. The Theory of Planned Behavior: The basic assumption of TPB is the fact that beliefs are the fundamental determinants of any behavior and therefore, risk behavior can be changed by modifying the underlying beliefs. According to the TPB, attitudes, social norms and perceived behavioral control influence intention that represents the proximal determinant of behavior (AJZEN - ‎1991). This theory will serve as a guide to assess the beliefs, attitudes and norms that would encourage people to practice a risky sexual behavior and accept the motive of casual sex and hook up on

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